Which cricket teams are the best in the world? Top 10 list

The cricket game was invented by Britishers in the early 16th century and spread the game over the years in many parts of the world including North American, European, Asian countries.

And two centuries later, it became the national sport of many countries. Cricket has been founded in England Even so, it is quite interesting to know how other countries surpass them in the cricket world.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best cricket team in the world with the analysis of their total ODI matches winning percentage till 2021.

Ireland Ireland cricket team

Ireland joined the ICC in 1993 but played the first ODI in 2006 against England team in the 2007 ICC world cup preparation. In this tournament, a lot of impressive performances including a draw against Zimbabwe, victories against Bangladesh and Pakistan, confirmed Ireland’s cricket status after the ODI championship.

Ireland has played  164 matches between 2006-2021 and has a winning percentage of 45.19 in ODI’s


In Afghanistan, this game has been played since 1995, but the Afghanistan national cricket team joined ICC in 2001. Since then Afghanistan has played 129 matches between 2009 and 2021 including several world cups with a winning percentage of 49.6%.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan team is also referred to as the Lions because of their expertise in cricket. Sri Lankan team joined international cricket in 1926, with great success in the 1990s, when they won the maiden World Cup in cricket history in 1996. Sri Lanka has played 855 matches between 1975-2021 and has a winning percentage of 47.86% in ODI’s.

New Zealand

New Zealand National Cricket Team is also known as the Black Caps, The team started its ODI cricket career in 1972. New Zealand played their first match against the Pakistan team.

Since it is heading for the highest point of success. Since then, the team has been moving towards the highest point of success. New Zealand has played 775 matches between 1973-2021 and has a winning percentage of 48.63 in ODI’s.

West Indies

The West Indies cricket team is the sixth-best team in the world for their performance in the ODI series.  West Indies has played 828 matches between 1973-2021 and has a winning percentage of 51.25 in ODI’s.


In the next, the legendary England team finished fifth in the ODI. England has played 755 ODI between 1971-2021 and has a winning percentage of 52.75 in ODI’s. The team won 52.75% of the 755 ODI matches played.


Throughout cricket history, the Pakistan Cricket Team has participated in 933 ODI matches between 1973-2021 and has a winning percentage of 54.16 in ODI’s. It ranks 4th in the list of the 10 best teams in the world.


The Indian cricket team is in the top three in the ODI. At first, the Indian national cricket team was weak, but it has gained a lot of strength since the 1970s. India has won two World Cups in the history of cricket. India has played 993 matches between 1974-2021 and has a winning percentage of 54.67 in ODI’s.


The Australian cricket team is referred to as the best cricket team in cricket history. In 2011, the Australian team has managed to win 34 consecutive ODI World Cup matches. Australia has played  955 matches between 1971-2020 and has a winning percentage of 63.35 in ODI’s with significant wins against the opponent teams.

South AfricaSouth Africa

South African cricket team is at 1st position in the list of top ten best cricket teams in the world. The team has maintained its position at the ICC level by continuously great performance in cricket. South Africa has played 628 matches between 1991-2021 and has a winning percentage of 63.77 in ODI’s.