Identifying the top worst teams in cricket

The 2019 Cricket World Cup has been an enjoyable one. India is continually performing exceptionally well, and they haven’t lost a single match.  There are so many teams are out there that have performed really poorly in the world cup.

According to the professionals, New Zealand, Australia has performed exceptionally well in the world cup.

Afghanistan has become the worst cricket team that hasn’t won a single match and has zero points to themselves. However, if you want to know more about the worst cricket teams, then you should pay close attention following important things.


Bangladesh has already been rewarded as one of the worst behaved cricket teams, according to the statistic. You can watch the highlights of previous watches where they are performing exceptionally poorly.

It has become the only team in the world that has breached more than nine times with a rate of 0.22 occurrences every match. It is the highest rate among any international match.

Bangladesh has become top in the top 10 worst cricket teams.  It has already become the most dislike or worst international cricket team.  The governing body has already become strict with its code of conduct. As per the ICC website, Bangladesh has become the worst cricket team.


As per officials, England has also become the worst behaved team in cricket. In the last few years, on-field behaviors have already been scrutiny. England has become the first team in the world of cricket that comes with 12 breaches since starting of April 2020.

These include two, each for Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, and James Anderson. In terms of demerit points, England has reached third on the table. However, Nicholas Pooran is the most popular player of the West Indies who has copped the five demerit points for scratching the balls with thumbs against Afghanistan.


  • When it comes to the worst cricket teams, then Zimbabwe is the first name that comes to our mind.  Such a team has become bad at cricket.
  • According to the professionals, this particular team was dangerous in the 80s, 90s, and 2000. Robert Mugabe is the prime minister of Zimbabwe who has destroyed their cricket.
  • The Cricket Board of Zimbabwe always in dispute with various players & this lead to the sacking of their best skipper Heath Streak.
  • He was a great player who has retired from cricket at the peak of his career. When heath streak retired from the team, then this made various senior players follow in his footsteps.
  • They have already added their name in the top 10 worst cricket teams in terms of performance and other things.
  • It would be quite difficult for any time to be successful if all players are youngsters. This leads to a rapid decline in the performance of players.
  • These youngsters are talented if they can get the guidance of senior players.


Pakistan has also become the worst cricket team. Such a particular team, unfortunately, lacks it. They have to focus on so many important areas. Like so many Pakistan players are continually struggling with fitness issues. It has become one of the most popular issues that have been highlighted in recent years.

Modern cricket demands fitness like Kohli spend a significant amount of time in the gym.  They need so many things. Due to these reasons, they have lost so many things. Pakistan team must pay close attention to the level of fitness. They don’t have a perfect Capitan.

Like, the biggest responsibility of every capital is to lead from the front. They are also behaving so badly in so many cricket matches. It is the responsibility of the cricket board to pay attention to lots of important things that can easily make a positive impact on the performance of the Pakistan cricket team.

West Indies

West Indies has also become the worst team, and they haven’t won the single Test series away from home. This particular team is looking completely helpless in the absence of their great players. They need experienced and professional players who can give them proper guidance. Such a team is struggling in the series.

Lastly, these teams are considered as worst cricket teams in terms of behavior. If you also want to know more about these worst teams, then it is your responsibility to invest a considerable amount of time in the research and pay close attention to so many things. Make sure that you are choosing the best platform where you can get proper information.